Page Of Rage! My Weekly GRIPE Report!

text Page Of Rage! My Weekly GRIPE Report!

March 31, 2001!

Welcome to my Gripe Page! This is where I get to rant about what's going on in my life; and in the world! What is it that YOU would like to tell people?! Get it off your chest!

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Hello everyone. I have been away from my website for quite some time. I'd like to thank tripod for their continued great service. I put a lot of time and work into these pages in the years past, and I really appreciate tripod's free hosting. I will be back soon to update my gripe page. Peace and God bless.

here's a GREAT real audio website by Bungalo Bill. click here to see it.

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'My home is here. I feel just as at home overseas, but I think my roots are here and my language is here and my rage is here and my hope is here. You know where your home is because you've been there long enough. You know all the peculiarities of the people around you, because you are one of them. And naturally, memories are the most important. Your home is where your favorite memories are.'
  - Pieter-Dirk Uys
These 2 are from the Democratic convention in August. Thousands of people marched peacefully through the streets of Los Angeles, and gathered in front of the Staples center, despite attempts by polititians and police to keep them away. The crowd chanted "This is what Democracy looks like."
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This is me talking with a marcher
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Hear the LAPD cop tell me to go closer to the burning CBS2 newsvan (after the Laker Championshp game June 19th!)
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Finally, remember this: There is nothing wrong with ranting and griping! Get it off your chest! Otherwise, if you hold it in, (whatever is eating away at your nerves and pissing you off) it will eventually cause ulcers, tumors, migranes, etc! That's it for now...Have a great week!



Dr. Laura Schlessinger's Site! Click Here. I don't agree with everything she says, but Dr. Laura is a very wise, moral woman with alot of good insight!

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A site that I recommend highly is Safe Kids International Guard. All they ask is that you view a few pictures of missing kids that they send you each week.

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