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Hi Everyone! Welcome to my webpage. This is where I get to share my GRIPES with the world! There are also alot of funny, true stories on my Gripe Page. You can also comment on the irritating, annoying, and bizzare things that happen in your life. Get it off your chest!

This website also has some of the articles, jokes, and stories that I thought were worth passing along; As well as some helpful info. I started this site in March, 1999. My index page now has over 109,000 hits! Woo Hooo! Too bad I haven't made any money off of it! (haha)

Praise for the Gripe Report!
"Hello Marty, You have been sending your gripe pages to me and others and I want you to know just how much I have thoroughly enjoyed the reading. I was unable to sign your guest book, so I'll take this time to let you know that I think you express yourself very well. Also all pages are very well written.

 I have taken the liberty to pass your pages on to others who are not on your list, knowing that they would enjoy your writings also. Please continue with your works and by doing this, you tend to brighten others lives. Thank You, Marie"

Wow. Thanks Marie! That was very sweet of you to say. I'm glad you like the page! That's what makes it fun, knowing that people enjoy reading it.

(and vent about what's annoying you!)

The Fence

Top Ten Reasons God Created Eve

Some Helpful Advice For WebTv Users!!
A Must See!

Real Audio Links
If you're a music lover you'll LOVE these pages!

Assisted Suicide Legal In California?!!

Top 10 Rejection Lines Given By Women
(And What They Mean)

(Lots of Laughs)

New Warnings On Alcohol Labels!

To have a virtual pepperoni pizza delivered, click here!!

Why Don't You Send Help?!

Tending Lives

Does Anyone Remember These??!!

What Are You Thankful For?

Ridiculous and Absurd Product Labels

The Eyes Of Love

Kids Say The Funniest Things!

30 Very Funny Ways To Annoy Others

You Know You've Been Out of College Too Long When...

Los Angeles Drivers License Application

Some Fun things To Do At Walmart!

The top 20 country song titles of all time! (funny)

You Know You're In California When...

"The Smarter Sex"

My Rocky Balboa Tribute Page!
(This page takes a minute to load)

Everyone loves a good blonde joke...right?

An intimate confession-
For Better Or Worse

You Know You're Ghetto If...

The #1 Reason You Should Keep Drinking Big Gulps

Zany Car Insurance Accident Reports!
(This has been around for years... But it's still very funny!)

Movies , Music, Dogs and more! (my personal page... the first page I made)

Some Stuff I Like (personal page part 2)

My Dog Maxine's page!
(you gotta see this one!)

Not Your Ordinary Cat! (FUNNY picture)

Let's Get Silly!!

Live California Webcam Page

Want Music In Your Webtv E-mail?

"A guy and an Ostrich go into this bar..."

New!! Want More?!
My 2nd List of Pages!

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